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onsdag 5. oktober 2011

A hike in the woods with devotee company

”Today was a day
In pure goodness”,
Jyotisvara prabhu said.

We had nice kirtan.
Erik, a new inspired bhakta,
Plays  his guitar.
He has composed a melody
For Hare Krishna.
It’s really sweet.
I have brought mrdanga and karatalas.
We jam for a while,
The mantra resounding
In the silent presence  of Mother Nature.

We also took prasadam.
The menu for these
Forest expeditions
Is more or less set,
Devotee sampled and approved by experience
From numerous similar hikes:
Potatoes in the fire
With butter, hing, salt and pepper
(Always a winner,
And a boost of moral
In the stealthy cold
Of autumn evening).

For that extra, special touch,
And for the pleasure of the devotees:
A homemade loaf of bread,
Quality Norwegian flower honey,
Cream cheese
And olives.

And of course,
No gathering of devotees is complete
Without Krishna katha.
Erik is curious
And has a benign, humble attitude.
Jyotisvara prabhu systematically
Explains, taking his time;
The tree modes of nature,
Our position as Krishna’s eternal servants,
Inspiring tales from the lives of our previous acharyas,
His personal realizations.

In this way
We pass the whole afternoon
And into the night,
Ending up seated together
Around a cozy fire,
The blackness of the woodland night
Around us.

A fresh new day awaits.
Japa, then
Plan is simple forest kitchary
And corn cobs
Baked in the flames.

“In the city
The modes of passion and ignorance awaits”,
I say.
“The modes are always mixed”,
Jyotysvara prabhu counters,
“Even in the mode of goodness.”
“Our only refuge
Is pure goodness.

And that is not a part of this world.”

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