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søndag 25. september 2011

Reflections at the work desk

Friday, 2nd of September, 2011, 1:27am

At night comes reflections.
Usually I take rest at this time,
but I find myself at work.

There is a need
for spiritual knowledge
in the life
of human beings.

"Why?", one may ask
and intelligently so.

The reality of the spiritual person
over the idea
of the lonelyness
of the empty,
material body,
is the only thing
which truely
can satisfy
the inherent restlessness
of the living entity.

We are now,
in the so called
modern day and age,
searchin the universe,
asking the stars for answers to our origin;
searching the mind,
asking questions of true morality;
searching the body (of mice and men),
asking the cells for a cure of death;
but all we percieve
is the echoes
of our own speculations.
There is no real knowledge.
Wishy, washy
at best.

In spite of this,

the human being
one unique quality,
setting us apart from the lower animals
(apes included),
enabeling us
to tap into
the realm
of the spiritual reality.

The human being
seek to question
if the everyday lives we lead
(death included)
has any meaning.

This inquisitiveness
is in actuality
the only prerequisite
for the revelation
of spiritual knowledge.
For knowledge descending from the realm of spirit
is always revealed.
That is its nature.

in conclusion,
this essential knowledge,
for any successful development
of human society,
or individual enlightenment,
is a must!

is by the descending process
but always in a line revealed,
from pure master
to qualified student,
a chain going back
to the very beginning of cosmos,

Sri Krishna.

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