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torsdag 20. oktober 2011

Note to mind, 21.10.2011

Death is
For certain.
This world,
Our beloved so called
Blue Planet,
The home of our ancestors,
Our family,
Those near and dear ones,
The place of our current existence,
Those places where we go
To recover,
To gather strength,
That place where you first felt loved,
Where we first held hands,
The soothing woods,
The pure lakes,
These places,
The universe,
This world
Has a hundred percent
Kill rate.
No one survives,
No one makes it out alive.

Never forget this.

And please remember,

Do not trust their words.
Do not become depressed.

Science claims lordship
Over true knowledge,
Defining and
With their instruments,
With their brains.
They have the arguments,
Of this there is no doubt.
Their number is great.
Their grip
Around the hearts of
The silent, wayward  people
Is very strong.

Do not trust their words.
Do not become depressed.

Take to heart.
Take to heart
And surrender to saints,
To prophets,
To the holy scriptures,
To the Kingdom
Beyond their grasp,
Beyond our petty sight.
That Kingdom of the pure heart,
The Kingdom
Of unlimited insight.

That Kingdom beyond
Ruled by a benevolent King,
A King who truly cares
For the destination
Of you
And all your loved ones and even
Strangers in the streets.

Take to heart,
Have faith.

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