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lørdag 24. september 2011

Into the woods, Saturday 17.9.11

”The beauty of nature
Is the smiling face of Krishna
Inviting us home.”

The words of my dear Gurumaharaja
Come to me.
They invite reflections:
               I am sitting by the shore
Of Calf Lake.
Time is midday.
To get up here
Is a two hour brisk trek.

I have been here many times.
This is one of my favorite spots.
I can still make out the charred remains
Of last years cooking fire.

The chill moist of the woodland night
Still clings to the grass and shrubs
In shady corners.
Berry season is definitely over,
But fungus are abundant.

The lake  is calm and tranquil.
It looks so inviting,
But a dip of my hand
Sends lightning up my arm.
It’s frigid!
Summer has given way to autumn.

Seasons change
Like the coming and going
Of happiness and distress
In this world.

This philosophical point
Of the Bhagavad-Gita
Becomes so clear up here
Amongst the natural contrasts.

Leaf trees yellowing,
In a few months
The first snow.
Summer has withdrawn
And will remain inert
Until again called upon
By duty bound spring.

This is beauty.
Krishna’s creation.

Reflecting His potency
The gross nature of
Curious animals,
Dazzling colors,
Pine trees
And winding forest paths,
Attracts the mind
With soothing goodness.

For a devotee,
This is an invitation
To rise above
Moist mushrooms,
Rotting bogs
And mires,
Above ghostly nights,
Lonely echoes
And the cruel struggle for mere existence,
A world doomed
By crouching,
All consuming time.

Rather approach
That wish fulfilling land
Of Tulasi Forests,
The eternal land of Radha and Krishna.
Our true home.

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