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fredag 23. september 2011

Thoughts for Saturday Harinama, 24th of September, 4:41am

It’s all about Sankirtan.
It’s all about giving Krishna
To others.
There is nothing else,
No other yajna,
For this age.

With our independent,
There is practically
No real end
To the possibilities
In the matter
Of preaching Krishna Consciousness,
Especially in the
So called opulence of the Western World.

Why not
Just give yourself
To this program?
My dear mind,
Why do you hesitate?
Why linger,
And nurture these attachments,
These simple mirages
In the desert of what you imagine
To be your glory days, or
That unique time
of youthful expression?

Wake up
To that shifting sound
Of sand
Running away with your years
In the hourglass!

I respect
Your dreams.
They are gentle and full
Of visions,
Of aspirations.
I respect that life you lead
On the inside,
As if legit and tangible,
But no,
And I am sorry to say
Please forgive me:
This is not your reality!
It simply is not.

And that may break your heart
And make you go into that spiral
Of regretting past deeds,
Done or undone,
Or reflect deeply on meaning,
Tearing everything apart,
Looking for clues…
But your are
In all honesty
Precious time.

This is the superior knowledge,
You know of nothing to surpass it.
Only you,
My dear mind,
Are foolish enough
To play naïve
And just give in to
On ridiculous hope.

At our first meeting
My dear Gurumaharaja said to me:
“Now is the time to become a devotee.”
I said to myself:
“That’s just too simple.”

But nay,
This is the core,
The essence of it all.
You see it all around;
Huge billboards,
A gazillion adds over the years:
White wing
On blood red background,
“Just do it.”     

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