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søndag 27. november 2011

Vengeful stab at false ego's heart

Marathon time.
”You can feel it”,
A devotee said today.
“Lord Chaitanya is here.”

And so it begins..
For me
This means digging deep.
My mind has been storing
Since spring
Or so it feels like.
(No, honestly
It has!)
Fermenting them,
In this way brewing some of the year’s
Most potent
“Going out with books?
What a senseless piece of
Waste of time?!”

Of course,
This static grating of the mind
Is pure
All bogus.

Marathon time is
Nectar time!
Srila Prabhupada inaugurated it,
And to partake is seen as
A serious
To his cause,
Param vijayate
Sri Krishna sankirtanam!

Of course,
I don’t get so worked up
With the whole
Competitive spirit.
I’m not in shape for
Any medals,
I don’t aim for
The podium.
The stadium is for
The celebrated athletes,
Who work hard throughout
The whole year,
Who stay in shape.

I’m like the bloke
Watching footie on the tellie,
Comfortably seated at home,
Coaching from the couch.

I do have my own ball.
(No, honestly,
I do!)
I take it out sometimes,
At least
Now and then,
I must,
So when I cheer
For my team,
From a stadium folding chair,
(not front row, in the back)
Mustering all my
Wearing the colors,
(but lacking the heart),
People will think
“Ah, he knows this game.
AND he is  humble!”

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