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tirsdag 15. november 2011

Lonely planet, 16.11.2011

The mind is so
It goes on and on.
Like a taxi driver
In a country
Where you so clearly
Are a tourist.
He wants to show you the sites,
Take you places only he knows.
He has a friend on every corner
Who can supply
Your every need.

Although seemingly
The meter is ticking in the background
The whole way.
And although seemingly
Locally streetwise,
He does every possible detour,
All the time saying:
“It’s ok, my friend.
This way is faster.”
You cannot go there
This time of year,
I know someone.”

Give me a break!
Hit the breaks!
I want off!

I am seeing through
Your schemes,
Your hustling,
Your routine.

I want off
And out.

But it is not so easy.
For now,
You two are as one.
Stuck in the
Awkward taxi
Of a material body
You must live with the mind.

Engage him rather in
Errands of the soul.
Tip him if you must.
Crawl out from the back
And sit in front.
Give directions.
Acquire a map
To keep your heading.

The Bhagavad Gita, as it is,
Comes recommended
By experienced travelers.
And if you find yourself
In a predicament,
Arrange a
With such persons!

Then there is that Hare Krishna
Which is said to
Cleanse the sliding mirrors
Of all similar
Traffic bound vehicles,
Which you may find yourself
From time to time.

In this way
Your see things more clearly.
U get perspective.

Bon voyage.

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