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mandag 5. januar 2015

Raw and unedited from the notebook, Warsaw 3rd January, 2015

"Observing a festival in an unfamiliar environment, gives the realisation of own conditionings, as like from a distance."

I wake up
to a

I don't know
what to do.

I am so
used to
living in
the mind.

The warmth
of a
heart's desire
is a surprise.

I want to
immediately engage,
but I

I want to
immediately confess,
but there is
no one in
the moment.

All I can do
is to register
and record,
hoping that
future revelations
find me stronger,
more aware,
more surrendered.

And so
the broken heart
leaves the
experience aside,
to continue.

But although
a broken heart,
the continuation
heralds will
and purpose.

What remains
is a broken hope
of reinstatement,
purpose fulfilled,
will dovetailed.

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