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mandag 22. desember 2014

Seated amongst the reeds of coastline Denmark, mid september, 2013

A last sip
of freedom,
in the eyes
of a friend.

Feint whisper
of past pledges,
by coastline view
is seated
windowed you.

Trembling reeds
bent as bows,
who's invisible arrows
make war on
the surging forces
of the almighty wind.

Resolve remains firm.
(“Not on all levels”,
whispers someone,
an observing spectator.)

resolve based on hope,
hope based on faith,
faith based
on taste.

Seemingly endless rows
of reeds,
flailing their bodies
against the surging forces
of almighty wind.

I have no such
Risking life and
limb is
not my level.

I can serve
as a mere tool
at the practical end
of the specter
of life.

To loose hope
gives no
in our philosophy.

Let the mind have
past and future
for selfish

In the now,
there is always

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