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lørdag 14. april 2012

Letter to my spiritual master's instructions

My dear spiritual master’s instructions,

Please accept my humble obeisances. It is in the middle of the night at this time, but I had an urge to write you this letter. Why you may ask? Honestly, why this inspiration came over me, I do not know. However, it is of no big consequence. An opportunity to glorify you and meditate on your significance in my life needs no excuse.
You are the most worshipable object of my life. You are eternal. Your physical form may not be, but I do my best to catch up with you in your humanlike dress, be it in Sweden, Belgium or India. Still, because of my many conditionings, I commit grave offences in your vapu presence. I see you as a mundane person, much like myself, and I speculate about the nature of your mind, about the meaning behind your actions. I shudder at my conclusions. Truly, I am deeply sorry, for I wish only to render you some service. Unfortunately, I fumble around in pretended darkness, not realizing that I have only closed my eyes.
Therefore I have come before you now, dear instructions. Dear vani, you have a merciful omnipresence, which makes you very difficult to forget. To neglect you is a strenuous endeavor indeed. Whatever may happen in the ongoing evolution of this world, you remain the same and intact. You are dependable in the top most sense of the term. Actually, I believe that you are the original form, which later physically manifested, thereby comprehendingly descending to the level of this ungrateful fool.
O’ what mercy! O’ most attractive invitation! What inspiration and heartwarming, fatherly guidance! This is true inconceiveablility. How heartless and utterly shameless must I be for not jumping to my feet, running around begging others to please receive your message? I try, with a broken heart’s honesty, I try, I truly try. There is struggle and there are self-inflicted wounds. The latter surely bleed, but its liquidity and color are o’ so illusory. I have experienced this many times over.
Dearmost merciful instructions, please let me enter your kingdom and make me able to walk down your paved, smooth alleyways. Please empower my ability to overlook my own discrepancies, so that I may focus on your availability. I do not want to ask you for something very big, for it is not my place. However, I am sorely begging from you the slightest of sidelong glances, thereby perfecting my existence in this life, and others to come.
Whatever be the case, I promise to continue, even at my snail like pace, because as long as I am on the move, tightly embracing your lotus feet, it is my conviction that you will not leave me entirely.

Still your aspiring servant,
Yudhisthira das

"Just try to be a good person. That will be very atractive. Actually it is preaching."

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