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onsdag 21. mars 2012

Thursday night, March of 2012.

I forgot the charger
For my laptop computer
At home.
I feel I can choose to be
Or I can take advantage of
That limited
Time frame
And write something.
The latter is the service I have

At work,
As the hush of night
Manifests on the ward,
I find time
To stop and
                Is my wife happy in spiritual life?
Am I truthful in my dealings?
                Am I doing enough for my Guru Maharaja?
                Am I reading Srila Prabhupada’s books?
                When will we do harinama again?
                When will death come…?

Tapas prabhu
Recently gave a class
In Stockholm
About spiritual anxiety.
Any so called
Negative experience,
If dovetailed with
Becomes a source
For devotional service.

And Suhotra Maharaja said
That devotees do not pray
For good situations,
They want to serve Krishna
In any situation,
Be it good or bad.

I do not possess
That vision.
My level is lower.
By the grace of Srila Prabhupada’s
I have access to serving
Those who have it.
Who are on that level.
And that is as good
As the real thing.

This thought
Is most
This thought is a great
Reservoir of
Spiritual hope.

Success can be had
Even for rascals,
To the extent that they
Are willing to take up
The humility
To admit
That this process
Of sravanam kirtanam
Sadhu sanga
Is made to unrascalify
And to reinstate reality
In the hearts of fallen jivas.

The reality of
Krishna Consciousness.

Not as
An artificial imposition on the mind,
But as our natural state
Of being
As parts and parcels
Of the Supreme Whole,
Radha and Krishna.

Bottom line.
Our feelings
And mental states
From the spiritual realm.
Perverted here
By the modes of material nature,
They can be transformed
Into assets,
By engaging in
Purificatory activities,
Of who’s
Commander in chief
Is the Hare Krishna
And who’s vital force
Is devotee association.

My dear mind,
Recall this truth
At critical junctures.
My dear intelligence,
Cast away all doubt
And find peace
In this science.
My dear heart,
Embrace this
As the all in all.

My dear Gaura NItai,
If You desire it,
Please let me continue
For the pleasure of
My spiritual master.

If You desire it,
Make me eligible
To take advantage
Of all the opportunities
You send my way.

Keep me coming back
For more…

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